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Plays of Ian Wild (free download playsscripts)

  • Since the 1950's it has been increasingly difficult for theatres to profitably produce plays with large casts. It is often difficult for this reason to find modern plays for large groups of students to perform that gives all the actors a decent role. The solution for Kinsale College Drama has been to write our own. Aware that other college's may be encountering the same difficulties, we've posted some of the plays up here for drama teachers and directors of drama courses elsewhere who might be tearing their hair out looking for fun and exciting ensemble theatre to produce. Although copyrighted, these ten playscripts are a free download for anyone to enjoy. If you're interested in performing them, the first five performances of a student production are free,

The Milk of Human Kindness corrected after performance.
Download DOCX • 111KB

The Pirates in Short Pants 2014
Download DOC • 111KB
Spaghetti Western from cork midsummer
Download DOCX • 50KB

American in Paris music finished script
Download DOCX • 73KB

Friends Roman's Count...
Download DOC • 184KB

Rachmaninov's maid
Download DOC • 160KB

Marco Polo's Toilet Brush
Download DOC • 117KB

Gaze Not Into the Abyss amended after show.
Download DOC • 225KB

The_Wine_Dark_Field_rewrite feb 19th
Download DOCX • 100KB

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