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Support the reopening of Kinsale Amphitheatre

Follow the link below to donate to reach our goal of re-opening the amphitheatre

Help us raise 25,000 euro to re-open the amphitheatre.

Donation - any amount large or small will help


Account Name: ARK. Amphitheatre Resource Kinsale


IBAN: IE19BCDU99100843081100

Credit Union Account Number: 4308110

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Help us raise 25,000 euro to re-open the amphitheatre.

is a  social enterprise of staff at Kinsale Campus in association with community and professional arts practitioners in Kinsale and the surrounding area. ARK was formed to fundraise for the Wooden O Amphitheatre renovations in partnership with the Cork Education and Training Board and Kinsale Campus - Cork College of FET. 
UNIQUE BUILDING The amphitheatre is a unique green building, set amongst a mature biodiverse landscape planted by the college's permaculture students in 2005. It is the focal point of the campus for all who visit it. It is aesthetically different from the overwhelming majority of newly built public spaces, with a character that can only be provided by many people having contributed to its creation.  COMMUNITY & EDUCATIONAL THEATRE SPACE Improvements to this theatre space will enable audiences and outside organisations to use the facilities year-round and in the evenings. This space will accommodate drama course rehearsals and plays, as well as local acting group productions, touring shows and events. SUSTAINABILITY CREDENTIALS The amphitheatre is from an environmental point of view one of the ‘greenest ‘public buildings in Ireland. Built from locally sourced natural materials, it is a cob & cordwood structure including Sitka spruce, larch, recycled materials and a turf

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