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“Since graduating from the Kinsale Drama course in 2009 I’ve been living in Dublin working as a professional actor. Productions I’ve worked on include ‘TIC’ by Elizabeth Moynihan at the Focus theatre. ‘18-35’ with Conflicted theatre at the 2012 Cork Mid-summer festival and most recently ‘Foreign Bodies’ at the Project Arts Centre summer 2013. I am currently attending the Acting for Film programme at the Factory. I’ve appeared in a number of short films and have just recently finished filming ‘Jack Taylor’ produced by TV3 and directed by Stuart Orme. The training I received from Belinda in Kinsale FEC was a unique and invaluable experience. She created an environment that nurtured me and allowed me the space I needed to develop and grow as a performer. She instilled in us all her passion for the craft of acting and a deep rooted sense of ensemble that gave me the confidence, skills and experience to move forward in my career.”
Sonya O’Donoghue


I think it should be compulsory that everyone in every line of work should study drama, and studying Drama in the Kinsale College is the icing on the cake. Ian and Belinda have pretty much laid the groundwork for my love and enthusiasm for life and nursed a passion for performance that has helped me in EVERY endeavour. Since completion of the course I’ve had the privilege to work with great directors in all the mediums of theatre, television and film. The craft of playing has brought me from the windy willows of Macroom to the plasticy places of Hollywood. Embarking on the course with Ian and Belinda with the underlying goal; “to soak up the craft like a fun sponge”, will not only guarantee a very interesting rest of life... but also guarantee the fusing of new friendships that will stay with you forever.”

Sebastian Thommen



“I decided to do the drama course with Belinda Wild because I wanted to add to my skills as a circus performer by learning the craft of acting. My two years on the drama course were spent in a whirlwind of creativity and exploration that were far beyond my expectations! I am now based in Italy and working as a professional performer, creating my own work which is a mixture of circus and theatre and putting all of the invaluable skills I learned to use on a daily basis.”

Cathal Carroll

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