Making Theatre Masks

New term, two weeks in and students are busy making theatre masks to use later in the course. First stage is to make a clay mould. Then cover it in cloth and paper covered in laytex.

The Process of Devising New Plays

The new term is beginning at Kinsale Drama Course and soon more new devised plays will be emerging. The process we go through is set out below. Devising Plays. (These are guidelines not golden rules.) Stage one: characterisation First of all, I get actors to create a character. There is no one way into this. However, I am looking for the sort of character who will be so different than the actor playing them, that they will appear to be another person. When this happens the effect for the actor is similar to wearing a half-face mask. A sort of (non dangerous) possession occurs and the actor just knows what to do and say without thinking. For this reason, the type of characterisation I encoura

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