Second Year end of term play

Red Handed is Wilbert W Lawrence’s savage indictment of ‘Normality’ and ‘things that are beige’. His fourth, and many think, his best play, Red Handed stretches and breaks theatrical conventions as if they are social conventions, in an attempt to undermine the foundation blocks of corrupt western consciousness: ‘Normality is a state of being which is responsible for all that is wrong with society and the world.’ Or as he said to the press at the premiere of Red Handed at the Royal Court Theatre, ‘Normal people scare me.’ Based on his own early experiences as a Neo-Situationist on the wrong side of London’s police, and a lifelong obsession with his muse, the political activist and granddaught

First Year end of term play 2019.

Tartuffe, By Moliere He’ll take Satan by the scruff and kick him out of the door Wealthy business man, Orgon, invites the holy and pious Tartuffe into his home. Orgon’s family aren’t so sure that Tartuffe is all he seems. When Orgon offers the hand of his daughter, Marianne, in marriage to Tartuffe, the family unite to expose Tartuffe as an imposter. Stock comic characters; a distraught lover, an impulsive son, a wily maid and a beautiful wife, use all their wits to bring Orgon to his senses but the stakes grow high as he remains stubbornly in thrall to his guest. Updating the action to the 1950’s, with an underscore of rock and roll, an energetic ensemble promise a lively evening of unexpec

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