Tempest on the Beach

A class exercise, in which students played many different characters, using signifyers to change identities throughout the play. This promenade performance was attended by other students from the college on the Dock Beach Kinsale.

Kicking Out The Judge

In drama classes and when learning to act, students, even in the safest, kindest, of situations, feel quite exposed. Students are up there on a stage in front of their peers and a director/teacher, and that can have individuals feeling extremely vulnerable. In such circumstances as this, a student’s inner judge can start working over-time. For instance, In a workshop where the student has to put an accent different to their own, the judge can launch into a punishing monologue inside the student. Oh, I’m no good at this. The two people who went before me are much better actors. They can do accents and I can’t. Listen to the accent I’m trying out here, it’s nothing like a real Liverpudlian acc

Creating Characters

As an essential part of the play devising process, second year students begin by creating characters. By changing themselves physically, and with the help of a little costume, they've been discovering and exploring all kinds of strange and exciting human fauna.

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